TRUCK RENTAL: We Needed a Pick-up truck on very short notice as ours was in the shop. We had a major task to perform and needed access to a 4X4 truck with a hidden hitch sleeve. Our request was very last minute. Susan at Wheat Country was very accommodating to our needs and helped us out a TON! To be honest I wasn’t sure if the repair to our vehicle would be done on time or not, and told Susan as much so it was a bit of a “stand-by” booking. She understood and was very helpful with our issue. As it turned out our own vehicle was NOT ready on time. This meant a panic call to Susan at Wheat Country at 3:30PM on a Friday afternoon. She came through for us! great work!! I highly recommend Wheat Country as a truck rental place. BONUS: their rates were basically cheaper than the “regular” car rental places!